Facade & Interior Improvement Program

The Brunswick Main Street, Inc. Facade and Interior Improvement Program Grants have closed for FY2019.

Information on the awardees will be coming shortly.


To date, the Brunswick Main Street Facade and Interior Improvement Program awards have yielded improvements valued at nearly $1million. These grants have been used to maintain and enhance some of our most important downtown buildings and businesses, and contribute to improving the attractiveness and revitalization of our core downtown business district.

The Facade and Interior Improvement Program is organized by Brunswick Main Street, Inc. This program offers funds (and in certain cases design assistance) to businesses in the Brunswick Main Street area in order to improve the appearance of individual building facades and/or signs and awnings. With respect to façade improvements, said improvements must be to external areas visible from the public way. It may also potentially be used for interior improvements, coverage for service fees and streetscape improvements. The goal of this program is to leverage private improvements while making revitalization efforts affordable, creative and community based.

Here is an overview of our entire grant process: Facade and Interior Improvement Program Guidelines FY2019

Here is how we score each application: Facade and Interior Improvement Grant Scoring Ruberic

Here is our application: Facade + Interior Improvement Program Application

Here is a copy of our Grant Reimbursement Guidelines: Brunswick Main Street’s Reimbursement Request Guidelines FY2019

Call us at 301.834.5591 or email us at brunswickms@gmail.com today if interested!