How We Work

As a unique economic development tool, the Main Street Four-Point Approach® is the foundation for local initiatives to revitalize their districts by leveraging local assets—from cultural or architectural heritage to local enterprises and community pride. This model is derived from the Main Street America program, which is the parent organization to Main Street Maryland. Brunswick Main Street is one of 30 Main Street communities across the state!

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Most Recent Board Minutes

Organization Committee Board Liaison: Samantha Francis

The Organization Committee of Brunswick Main Street serves to recruit and coordinate volunteers, members, and sponsors. It is tasked with raising money via donations, sponsors, and grants for various ongoing projects as well as the administration itself.

You may contact the ERC via email at Get in touch!

Design Committee Chairman Dr. Wayne Allgaier

The Design Committee of Brunswick Main Street seeks to refurbish the downtown into an attractive center of the community. It educates others about aesthetic appeal, providing design advice that encourages quality improvements to public spaces and private property.

Most Recent Design Committee Minutes: Minutes, 2020.01.14 (Jan)

Wayne Allgaier may be contacted via email at Get in touch!

Economic Restructuring Board Liaison: John Andrew

The Economic Restructuring and Revitalization Committee is dedicated to strengthening the economic position of downtown Brunswick through a comprehensive economic-development approach.

Most Recent ERC Minutes: ERC Minutes January 2020

You may contact the ERC via email at Get in touch!

Promotions Committee Chairman Alyssa Theodore

The Promotions Committee of Brunswick Main Street works toward fostering community activity in the downtown area, principally through marketing local businesses and events. It endeavors to understand the ever-changing market and to define the market niche of Brunswick.

Alyssa Theodore may be contacted via email at Get in touch!

Want to Volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering, please notify Brunswick Main Street and leave your contact information.
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2020 Membership

The work of Brunswick Main Street would not be possible without our members. Please join us in 2020 as a Brunswick Main Street Member. To find out more, click below.