While its rich history indisputably contributes to Brunswick’s rustic appeal, it isn’t the only thing that makes this area so charming. Brunswick has all of the infrastructural facets of a city and its downtown is rather lively, yet it doesn’t in the slightest detract from the distinct peace each neighborhood offers. The locals are incredibly welcoming, and it’s really easy to feel a sense of belonging here.

Brunswick Heritage Museum

The Brunswick Heritage Museum preserves the rich history of this small city. It boasts a variety of exhibits, including recreations of late-Victorian–era rooms and a 1700–square-foot, interactive model depicting the B&O Metropolitan Subdivision. It also houses the Brunswick Visitors Center, which illustrates the history of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Learn more

Brunswick History Commission

The Brunswick History Commission collects, organizes, and preserves records of historical significance to Brunswick. The members serve as advisors to the Brunswick mayor and council regarding matters that relate to the local history. Learn more

Building Veterans

Building Veterans is a peer to peer supportive recovery program that finds, welcomes, mentors and equips veterans and others who are broken in body, mind and spirit, and integrates them back into the larger community rebuilt and restored to live and serve. Learn more.

Economic Development Commission

The Brunswick Economic Development Commission offers advice and recommendations to the Brunswick mayor and council to enhance the economic well-being of the community, and plans and executes a variety of educational activities and events to further this goal. Learn more

Brunswick Family Campground

The Brunswick Family Campground offers a variety of sites tailored to your camping needs! There are plenty of attractions located within minutes from each campsite, and you’ll never find yourself without something fun to do. Learn more

Brunswick Public Library

The public library down on Maple Avenue is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. Sit down with a good book or two, or log into one of the free-to-use computers—and while you’re at it, be sure to check out any upcoming events they may have; there’s rarely ever a lack of interesting things they’ve got scheduled. Learn more

Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce (GBACC) is dedicated to furthering the interests of businesses here in Brunswick. Its predecessor, constituted by local merchants, was an organization named Check Brunswick First, whose primary focus was to dissuade residents from going elsewhere to shop through cooperative advertising. GBACC continues to work toward this goal while also aiming to inspire public understanding and support for these local businesses. Learn more

The Own It Company

Own It provides a workspace tailored to your needs in order to optimize your productivity. Members have full access to online discussion rooms, in which other innovative thinkers like you can ask questions and share ideas, and may even provide constructive feedback regarding your work. Members are also offered exclusive discounts to Own-It community events – and the money raised from memberships is used to further economic development and community impact here in the city of Brunswick. Learn more

Smoketown Rotary Club

Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad. The Smoketown Rotary Club of Brunswick is a Satellite Rotary Club, which functions as a short-term intermediate stage toward becoming an independent club. Meetings are held at the Steadman-Keenan American Legion, taking place at noon on the first and third Fridays of every month. Learn more