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Power of Five for Brunswick Main Street

Join our NEW campaign to help save our downtown businesses by replenishing our COVID19 Micro Grant Fund and also help Main Street keep fighting for help on county, state and national levels.

Don’t Worry! Its REALLY simple:

Step 1. Donate $5 (plus our Paypal fee) to Brunswick Main Street by clicking here.

Step 2. Send a personal note (email or paper) to 5 friends or family members- people you know in real life who will be willing to help by doing the same thing you just did- by giving $5, and sending a note to 5 of THEIR friends or family members who will consider making a $5 donation and who believe in the cause of helping historic downtown Brunswick.  (Our goal is to have at least 3 layers of this!)

Step 3. Followup with your 5 friends in a week to see if they actually did it!




Do I have to write the note?

No, you can download a template, but its always nice to add your own touches. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition for example! (Loser buys the winner an ice cream at Towpath!) Why is downtown Brunswick important to you? What memories do you have?

Who should I ask? Can I just put this on Facebook/Twitter? 

What works best is a personal note- this can be an email, a card, or even *gasp* an old-fashioned letter! Friends, long time neighbors, co-workers and family members make excellent contacts.  Think of people you see often and may want to help in advancing the request.

How should I send this? Written, email, smoke signal?

Either written or email is great, but a short written note is a really nice thing to receive during this time of social isolation. On the flip side, have a Zoom meeting with 5 friends and get it done over a glass of wine. Be creative!

How do I know this isn’t a scam? Are you legit?

Brunswick Main Street, Inc is a 501(c) 3 corporation whose mission is to support downtown Brunswick, MD businesses and create a vibrant, socially active downtown. You can read our annual report here with all of the ways we help our historic downtown.

I don’t have 5 friends! or I hate writing things, and I still want to help.

You can simply donate $25, or more,  instead of writing 5 friends, but the idea of this campaign is to allow everyone to show your support, even if you are on a tight budget. We are all in this together!

And we get it- not everyone is comfortable asking friends for support. That’s why we’ve written a letter for you to use– just cut and paste, add a name and hit send.  And only choose 5 people you think would want to help.

What if they don’t even live here? Can I still send it?

Of course- we’re interested in support from all over- Lovettsville, Charles Town, Frederick, Purcellville- even if they are a one time resident that moved away. The key is the connection- what is their connection to you? What is their connection to our historic downtown? Connections are precious right now. We want to re-kindle connections to our downtown, as well as make new ones!

How do I donate?

Click to donate!  We also accept mailed checks too if you don’t want to use a credit or debit card!

You can download a version of the letter to send here. 


Thanks for your support!


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