Downtown Brunswick’s Most Picture Perfect Spots

Downtown Brunswick’s Most Picture Perfect Spots

Downtown Brunswick is packed with camera-worthy gems that will make THE perfect backdrop for your next family photo or that stunning, summer selfie your Facebook/ Instagram page is missing. Here at Brunswick Main Street, we have compiled a list of the most picturesque parts of Downtown Brunswick just waiting for your shutter to snap! When you visit these spots make sure you tag @brunswickmainstreetmd for your chance to see them appear on Brunswick Main Street’s Instagram of Facebook feed.

1. The Towpath along the C&O Canal and Potomac River

First up (unsurprisingly) is of course, the Towpath! The C&O Canal is one of the most gorgeous spots in Maryland, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a few pictures. Here are a few of our favorite shots below! Bonus points if you actually can take them FROM the river.

2. The Trains

Brunswick is deeply proud of its train history, and there is no better way to represent that than on a caboose itself! This historically restored caboose has beautifully bright colors that would make the best backdrop for a picture with the kids! To actually go inside the caboose, call the City of Brunswick 1.301.834.7500 to arrange a tour. Train lovers can also (safely) get a great shot of the track from the viewing platform next to the caboose, or underneath the bridge on South Virginia Ave. The bridge can also be a great spot for pictures!

3. Downtown Texture

If you’re looking for some incredible textural backdrops there are some fabulous ones downtown! The wall of King’s pizza (like a professional alleyway shot with much better lighting) or the tank on A Street.

4. Brunswick Icons

And finally, there are some must-see spots downtown that are oozing with charm and character. These spots include (but are definitely not limited to) Beans in the Belfry, the River Mural on South Maple and the Brunswick Mural in Square Corner Park!

Call To Artists: Temporary Public Art for Frederick County Main Streets

Call To Artists: Temporary Public Art for Frederick County Main Streets

Call to Artists

With support from the Tourism Council of Frederick County, (Visit Frederick), Frederick County’s (Maryland) five Main Street Programs are collaborating on a project to bring temporary public art to each of its five Main Streets. These communities are the following: Brunswick, Frederick, Middletown, New Market and Thurmont. The Frederick Main Street partners are seeking an Artist/Team to design, fabricate, and install temporary public artworks (to be installed for approximately one year) at each of the Frederick County Main Streets.
Deadline has been extended to July 31st at 5:00PM

Examples of Temporary Public Art:

About the Project:

The vision of the Main Street Public Art Project is to celebrate Frederick County’s downtowns, to create linkages between the five communities and to highlight the connections between their agricultural communities and downtowns—both today and into the future.

This project calls for public art installations that are  active for one year. The pieces should be exploratory and experimental in nature and could engage with one or more senses. In this case, the temporary art pieces should be removable after a year or be composed of materials that only have a lifespan of a year. The goals of the project are the following:

  • To highlight both the common threads of the Main Streets (what makes them “Frederick County”) and the uniqueness of each Main Street.
  • To encourage locals and tourists to visit and appreciate the offerings in each of the Main Street
  • To engage dialogue with the community about art and how it can enhance public spaces


Please note that the deadline for the proposals has been changed to July 31st at 5:00PM. All applications must be sent to Susie Leong at If you have any questions, please contact Susie at 301.455.4487 or email the above address.

  • One Artist/Team will be selected to provide five (5) temporary public art pieces, one for each of the Main Street sites. These must be five (5) unique public art pieces.
  • Total budget for the project is $38,750
  • All professional Artists or Artist Teams living within 80 miles of Frederick County are welcome to apply
  • The Selection Committee (comprised of Main Street representatives and art professionals) will review all applications and select up to five (5) Finalist Artists or Artist Teams. The Finalists will be invited to develop proposals for the five sites. Each Finalist will receive an honorarium of $200.

To apply, please review and download the below attachment:

CALL TO ARTISTS Frederick Main Street Project


Brunswick Bike Life

Brunswick Bike Life

Guest Post by Alyssa Theodore

Whether you like an adrenaline-pumping trail ride, a level out-and-back that everyone in the family can master, or something in-between, Brunswick has the bike experience for you. Here’s everything you need to know to get pedaling.

The Trails:

C&O Canal Towpath

The biking equivalent of a Sunday drive…

Brunswick’s section of the historic C&O Canal Towpath (Mile Marker 55) is a stretch of flat, recently-resurfaced trail shaded by nearly unbroken tree canopy that is perfect for everything from hardtail mountain bikes to training wheels.. Head west and in 5 miles you’ll enjoy views of the Potomac River and the chance to cross the railroad bridge footpath into Harper’s Ferry. Head east, and make the Brunswick Family Campground your destination for a picnic and some wading before your return trip. Or, continue on to Point of Rocks (MM 48.2) to explore where the canal and the B & O Railroad squeak alongside each other in an area narrower than the width of a baseball diamond. NOTE: a washed out culvert at MM 52.5 detours riders down a pathway to a temporary low-water crossing (i.e. little wooden bridge).

Brunswick Crossing-Valley Trail

Work up just enough sweat to earn a beer at Smoketown Brewing Stationor an ice cream cone at Towpath Creamery

Pick up the bottom of this paved trail on Brunswick St. across from West End Park. From there it’s a gradual climb up to the Brunswick Crossing housing development, crossing and recrossing the ? Creek over picturesque wooden bridges. Continue your circuit through the neighborhood and back and you can clock up to 26 miles! 

River’s Edge Trail

Because you didn’t mount that GoPro on your helmet for nothing…

You’ll find the trailhead for this bone-rattling opportunity near the intersection of Cummins Dr. and 13th Ave., just past the driveway entrance for the Brunswick Middle School. The first section of the trail overlaps with the high school’s cross-country running course, then takes off into hilly terrain with, in the words of one rider, “some beautifully designed switchbacks.”

Click here for a map of Historic Downtown Brunswick: City of Brunswick Downtown MAP

Other Resources to Know:

Brunswick Family Campground

Brunswick Family Campground

100 S. Maple Ave. (MM 54)<br /> | 301-834-9952<br />

If you haven’t invested in your own bike yet, yours is in the shop, or you need extra wheels for visitors, you can rent bikes from River & Trail Outfitters.

Beans in the Belfry

Beans in the Belfry

122 W. Potomac St.<br /> | 301-834-7178

Take advantage of Beans soon-to-be-installed bike parking and their bike washing station to rinse off the dust and relax with a drink or snack after a ride.

Three Points Cycles

Three Points Cycles

5 W. Potomac St.<br /> | 301-834-7199

Repairs, gear, helmet, and bikes to drool over. Quick dry clothing and Brunswick paraphenalia. Refuel on gels and liquids found here!

Towpath Creamery

Towpath Creamery

12 S. Maple Ave.<br /> | 301-969-6480

In addition to a post-ride ice cream, you’ll find a variety of pack-able snacks, first-aid paraphernalia, and other trail essentials.

The Next 15 Years…

The Next 15 Years…

A Guest Blog Post by our Board Chairman, Julie Martorana


This year Brunswick Main Street celebrates its 15th anniversary.  15 years and going strong! So what will the next 15 years look like?

As an organization, Brunswick Main Street faces the same challenges our city faces: embracing our past and looking forward to our future. The past provides us with knowledge from lessons learned and a solid foundation.  However, we must be willing to change.  None of us can afford to remain stagnant.  The best way to honor our past is to continue to envision our future, just as our founding members did when they began.

This past year Brunswick Main Street has been doing just that.  We are looking for ways to build on our strong organizational foundation while recognizing the changes occurring around us.  A sign of a strong, healthy organization is continually asking, “How can we improve”?  And that sentiment, I am happy to report, is alive and well at Brunswick Main Street.

Our newly developed Strategic Plan charts an ambitious course for the organization into 2025.  Through 2020, we will be concentrating on expanding our foundation by working to increase the capacity of the organization through the following efforts:

  • Developing a comprehensive fundraising plan to ensure we have the resources to carry out our plans
  • Expanding our volunteer base, again giving us the necessary diversity of resources
  • Recruitment and development of our Board of Directors to ensure we have a sustainable organizational structure for the future
  • Updating and documenting internal processes to support our growth and expansion
  • Increasing our grant-seeking efforts to support our proposed programs and internal development

My intent here to show what Brunswick Main Street will be doing to build our organization. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the plans for our future.  We have many goals in each of our committees which include the Design committee, the Promotions committee and the Economic Restructuring committee. For more information about these committees and their plans please check out our our pages HERE.

In the next 15 years Brunswick Main Street has created a vision for our downtown that includes:

1. Attracting new and vibrant businesses to our downtown corridor and strengthening our support systems for the exisiting businesses within our Main Street district.

2. Making our downtown an attractive city center that is clean, green and safe.

3. Promoting all of the wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities right outside of our downtown. Everyone should experience the beauty of the C&O Canal in Brunswick!

I hope that this look into the future of Brunswick Main Street generates hope and excitement for what is to come.  At Brunswick Main Street we are motivated by the vision for our future and what we can do for Brunswick’s downtown district.  If you feel this same hope and excitement I urge you to join us.  It will take all of us, involved and engaged, to create the vibrant city center that will make us all proud of the town we love so dearly.