Program Manager Job Description

Brunswick Main Street, Inc.

Program Manager Job Description/Work Objectives


Utilizing the Main Street 4 point approach, the Main Street Manager is responsible for creating and managing programs and projects that meet the objectives of the Brunswick Main Street(BMS) Board of Directors and which, first and foremost, further and contribute to the economic revitalization of downtown Brunswick.

Primary Responsibilities

The Main Street Manager is expected to function with considerable independence on a day-to-day basis in performing job related duties and is held accountable for the results. The Manager should be self-motivating and is expected to take the initiative in fulfilling and promoting the overall objectives of BMS, as well as Board and Committee directed initiatives.  The Manager is responsible for a broad range of duties including but not limited to:

(1)  Implementation of the BMS program and representation of the program within the community as well as on the county and state level.

(2)  Becoming thoroughly familiar with all persons, organizations, institutions, property owners, and others (stakeholders), directly or indirectly involved in the designated BMS area and be responsible for creating a cooperative climate between BMS’s interests, key organizations and companies, and public officials at the local and state levels. For example:  Ensuring communication and coordination of initiatives between Brunswick’s Economic Development Commission, Greater Brunswick Area Chamber of Commerce, and Brunswick City government.  Develop strategies for maximizing the community’s resources, both human and economic, in achieving the goals and objectives of the BMS program.

(4)  Developing and conducting continuing public awareness programs designed to enhance appreciation of the downtown’s history, potential for redevelopment, and other amenities and to foster an appreciation of BMS objectives. As a part of this, keeping the program constantly in the public eye through various sources available and continuously seeking new sources.  This includes personally authoring, or directing others to author, articles for publication in local newspapers, seeking out or responding to speaking opportunities, development and use of social media and the like.

(5)  Managing all administrative aspects of operating the office including accounting, record keeping including a monthly report to the Mayor and Council, budget development and monitoring, and report preparation as required by the City of Brunswick, the Main Street Board of Directors, Maryland Main Street, and other key funders and administrators. Coordinating with the BMS Treasurer, the Manager is duly responsible for ensuring that all invoices, taxes, and fees associated with BMS are paid and recorded within the appropriate time frames.

(6)  Coordinating activity of the Main Street Program committees. Assist committees with development of Work Plans. Ensure that communications between committees and the Board of Directors is well established. Meet once a month or as needed with each committee chair to prepare meeting agendas and develop concepts to promote the BMS mission. Attend monthly committee meetings and assist the committee chair with conducting the meeting by having all relevant reports ready for review and by providing administrative assistance as indicated on the Work Plans. In addition, provide overall guidance and leadership to the committees.

(7)  Leading efforts at recruiting, retention, and expansion in the downtown business district. Serve as the downtown point of contact acting as the expert in assisting businesses.

(8)  Assisting individual tenants or property owners with physical improvement projects through personal consultation or by obtaining professional assistance through available sources. Maintain a record of possible funding sources and technical resources for such projects.

(9)  Overseeing fundraising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, cultivating funding sources, seeking out and submitting grant proposals, and administering fundraising records and documentation. In addition, manage and maintain the BMS membership database.

(10)  In identifying the needs of BMS and its members, volunteers, and other stakeholders, develop and coordinate a plan for writing, editing, and publishing informational materials such as press releases, brochures, information packets, newsletters, e newsletters, and flyers to facilitate a successful information distribution network. Assist with the further development of social media sources including but not limited to the BMS website, Facebook page, and Constant Contact to further facilitate information dissemination.

(11)  Reporting.  The Manager will keep the Board informed of his/her activities and specific goal/task achievement.  Regular reports should be electronically distributed and should include, at a minimum:

  1. a) Weekly Status Report. Due by 10 a.m. each Monday. This should include a description of the activities and accomplishments of the prior week, as well as a description of the activities and goals planned for the coming week.
  2. b) Action Tracking Report. Should maintain an accurate and up-to-date spreadsheet indicating the following.  This should be available for review at each Board and Committee meeting, or upon request by board members or committee chairs.

Actionable Item

Start Date

Due Date

Current Status

Next Steps (with deliverable dates indicated)

Responsible Party(s)

The Main Street Manager is expected to maintain a full time work week including set office hours as determined by the Board, so as to provide for consistency and predictability of presence and access. The Manager must notify the BMS Chair and obtain permission if unavailable at these times (due to illness, personal matters, or other excusable absence). The Manager is expected to attend 2-4 evening committee meetings and one evening Board meeting per month as well as report once a month to the Council at its evening meeting. Weekly hours must be recorded and sent to the Chair every week along with a summary of the week’s job activities. (See item 10 above.)  The Manager is expected to be present and oversee all Main Street events unless extenuating circumstances prevent him/her from attending or the Board decides otherwise.