Organization involves getting everyone working toward the same goal and assembling the appropriate human and financial resources to implement a Main Street revitalization program. A governing board and standing committees make up the fundamental organizational structure of the volunteer-driven program. Volunteers are coordinated and supported by a paid program director as well. This structure not only divides the workload and clearly delineates responsibilities, but also builds consensus and cooperation among the various stakeholders.

Brunswick Main Street’s Organization Committee is the backbone of the program because it is responsible for fundrasing, operations, volunteers, the quarterly newsletter, sponsorships, grants, and all things that allow this organization to continue to revitalize Downtown Brunswick as a great place to live, work, shop, and interact with others.  This committee is responsible for events such as Red, White and Brew; the Main Street Auction; and the Annual Community Meeting.  This committee is also responsible for this website, the membership drive, and the application as well as organization of the grants that we receive.

Current Projects
  1. Membership Drive
  2. Recruit New Board Members
  3. Publish 4 Quarterly Newsletters
  4. Sell Ornaments
  5. 2015 Main Street Auction
  6. 2015 Red, White & Brew

The Organization Committee meets at 7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Main Street office located at 8 N. Maple Ave.