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Brunswick Building Blocks


What is This Program?

The City of Brunswick granted funds to Brunswick Main Street which are part of a Federal Grant to the City (ARPA – American Rescue Plan Act) to use towards improving the health, welfare, and safety of downtown buildings. Selected applicants will receive a one-time award to improve eligible downtown properties. Ideal projects will strengthen the property’s infrastructure, and therefore, have a major impact on the building’s overall usability and marketability.

Program Eligibility and Conditions

Location The property must be located within the downtown Main Street District. Unsure if your building is in the Brunswick Main Street District? See map.

Contributing Structure The structure must be listed as a Contributing Structure on the 2020 Brunswick National Register of Historic Places Registration Form. Unsure if your building is on the list? Copy and paste this URL into your browser to search the map:

Authorization Any property owner or business proprietor/tenant with lease authority or authorization from the building owner may apply for funding.

Min-Max Reward The minimum total project cost eligible for award is $50,000. If your project totals less than this amount, please inquire about other available grant programs. The maximum total project cost eligible for award is $300,000.00.

Prohibited Businesses Brunswick Main Street will adhere to DHCD’s (Department of Housing and Community Development) regulations that prohibit the following from applying for this award: adult bookstore, adult video shop, or other adult entertainment facility; check cashing facility; church or other religious or sectarian organization or use; college or university; community hall; fire station; gambling facility; gun shop; hospital; liquor store; massage parlor; nursing home, assisted living facility, crisis care center, group home, transitional housing, homeless shelter, or transient living facility; pawn shop; tanning salon; or tattoo parlor.

• Reimbursement This is a reimbursable funding opportunity. Applicants approved for reimbursement must have the means to financially support their project upfront. The City of Brunswick will be required to reimburse the approved applicant within 30 days of receiving a cleared bank check and copy of paid invoice from the contractor.