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Brunswick Main Street Welcomes New Board Members

Please welcome:
Letha Dolza-Anderson
Letha shares a historic home in Brunswick with her husband, Tyson, and three rescues. She is originally from Michigan and has been in the DC area off and on since college. She did her undergrad at American University and ended with a BA in Political Science from Alma College. She is a recently-minted lieutenant in the U. S. Army, and works as an Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton. She credits her parents for her strong sense of service and looks forward to working alongside so many others to “continue to make Brunswick a town we are glad to call home.”

Machelle Lee
Machelle Lee is the owner of Roots & River Yoga in the heart of historic Downtown Brunswick. She leads weekly classes, guest lectures, directs professional teacher training, and organizes special events. With more than 20 years of experience as a small business entrepreneur, Machelle brings a grounded knowledge in the day-to-day strategizing, planning, action, and interpersonal relations that are needed to grow a successful enterprise. Also, as the owner and steward of a 101-year-old home in downtown Brunswick where she lives with her husband, Machelle is committed to the community through both financial investment and through heart, living and acting locally in a way that nurtures Brunswick and its revitalization of healthy, viable buildings for business growth while embracing the history and outdoor recreation for which Brunswick is most celebrated.

Dan Sherwood
Dan is a musician who fell in love with the charm of Brunswick and is excited to get involved with his new community. Whether teaching voice and piano lessons, performing or attending concerts, he enjoys sharing the joy, excitement, and expressive qualities that music and art provide. Dan hopes to assist the development of Brunswick’s artistic community with further economic development, allowing the production of more visual and performing arts expressing the creativity of its people and feeding their souls.

As a reminder, our Board meets monthly on the first Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending to learn more about our organization or to update us on outside initiatives, please email to arrange to be added to the agenda.