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Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum in Downtown Brunswick

Downtown Brunswick has an incredible railroad and canal history. To celebrate our history and spruce up some of the windows in our downtown, the Brunswick Main Street Design Committee worked with the Brunswick Heritage Museum, City of Brunswick History Commission and local artist Joanne Rodgers to place historic Brunswick photos and artwork in empty storefront windows. In total, there are 15 historic images and 2 pieces of local artwork.

Local artist Joanne Rodgers also made some wonderful illustrations on what COULD go into some of these storefronts. For more information about the available commericial properties within our downtown, click HERE.

History Quiz:

Do you have what it takes to answer our history quiz? After strolling through our downtown and seeing all of the wonderful historic photos, can you answer the following questions?

Each correct submission will be entered into a drawing for a FREE yoga class from Roots & River Yoga.

What do you know about Brunswick History?