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Downtown Brunswick’s Most Picture Perfect Spots

Downtown Brunswick is packed with camera-worthy gems that will make THE perfect backdrop for your next family photo or that stunning, summer selfie your Facebook/ Instagram page is missing. Here at Brunswick Main Street, we have compiled a list of the most picturesque parts of Downtown Brunswick just waiting for your shutter to snap! When you visit these spots make sure you tag @brunswickmainstreetmd for your chance to see them appear on Brunswick Main Street’s Instagram of Facebook feed.

1. The Towpath along the C&O Canal and Potomac River

First up (unsurprisingly) is of course, the Towpath! The C&O Canal is one of the most gorgeous spots in Maryland, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a few pictures. Here are a few of our favorite shots below! Bonus points if you actually can take them FROM the river.

2. The Trains

Brunswick is deeply proud of its train history, and there is no better way to represent that than on a caboose itself! This historically restored caboose has beautifully bright colors that would make the best backdrop for a picture with the kids! To actually go inside the caboose, call the City of Brunswick 1.301.834.7500 to arrange a tour. Train lovers can also (safely) get a great shot of the track from the viewing platform next to the caboose, or underneath the bridge on South Virginia Ave. The bridge can also be a great spot for pictures!

3. Downtown Texture

If you’re looking for some incredible textural backdrops there are some fabulous ones downtown! The wall of King’s pizza (like a professional alleyway shot with much better lighting) or the tank on A Street.

4. Brunswick Icons

And finally, there are some must-see spots downtown that are oozing with charm and character. These spots include (but are definitely not limited to) Beans in the Belfry, the River Mural on South Maple and the Brunswick Mural in Square Corner Park!