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Pocket Park Project

To maintain and preserve the historic downtown of Brunswick Main Street, the town works closely with the Community Foundation of Frederick County, especially our Organization Committee. With the help of this committee, applications for various grants are reviewed and dispersed according to where they feel the grant will best be put into motion.

Recently, our very own Brunswick Main Street has been awarded the Linda Moran and Don Doughty Fund! Both Don and Linda have created this fund to share their appreciation of music and gardening. The couple feel that both music and gardening can bring a calming and restorative balance not only to individuals, but to communities. Wanting to share their passion for the arts and give back to various communities within the county, Don and Linda have worked together to set up the Don Doughty and Linda Moran fund to increase gardening opportunities and brighten up public green spaces.

Brunswick is especially excited to be recipients of this environmentally focused grant. We are particularly excited for our volunteers to tackle revitalizing the Pocket Park, our community park located across from Beans in the Belfry. Volunteers are eager to glove up and get down to business as they set out to purchase new plants, create new pathways in the park, tend to the flower beds, trim back some of the overgrown trees, and much more! The park includes a sign made out of bricks from the old high school – what a great way to recycle!

Brunswick Main Street would like to say a huge thank you to Karin Birch -our longtime volunteer for the park-  for all of her hard work to keep downtown Brunswick a beautiful, welcoming and historic main street!

Join us at the next Small City Saturday on April 13th as we launch this exciting project – stay tuned for updates!




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